I am so excited about our new course Contacts to Customers. You can be a part of the program where I will show you EXACTLY how to turn networking into a huge source of appointments, customers and profits.

I know the struggle!

I used to go to every networking social, breakfast, lunch and group I could find. I'd go to as many as 3 a day. I was told the more hands you could shake and cards you collected the better. 

I was leaving early, staying out late, missing time with the family - basically running myself ragged - and profits were staying flat or only going up a little every year. What I also had was a huge stack of business cards I never got around to following up with. How could I? I was too busy going to every event I could find!

I found a better way and it worked (really well)...

The biggest jump in our business happened when I stopped being a great card collector and focused on CONVERSION. I spent months reading, studying and creating systems and processes to help me convert more people I met into quality appointments and CUSTOMERS.

With my new email scripts, I started seeing more people wanting to meet with me about HOW I COULD HELP THEM. That lead to a really great month of sales. That fueled my fire and I started following up with ALL of the business cards I had collected for years with my new email scripts. That lead to even more appointments and a record year in sales! I was blown away!

Just a few highlights of what I will give you in the Course:

1. How to convert contacts you meet at events, tradeshows and more into customers. You may rely on networking to be a huge source of new customers. I will show you EXACTLY how I built a list of 35,000 customers and contacts that has created millions in sales. 

2. How to make you and your company UNFORGETTABLE If people forget about you when yo leave an event then it was a complete waste of time and money. I will show you how to be unfortgettable and have people coming up to you after an event asking to speak with you about how you can help them.

3. My best performing email scripts, forms and more secrets. How you follow up and engage people after the events is crucial. I will show you exactly how, when, where and who and give you lots of email scripts you can use immediatley to get better response, more appointments and higher sales. 

4. Get up to 40x more warm referrals As a BONUS I will show you how you can get up to 40x more warm referrals from customers AND other professionals. Warm referrals ROCK and can provide a HUGE boost to profits FAST!

What you get..

When you become a Member of Rock Your Business Contacts to Customers Online Course, you will get:


You will recieve your personal login for our Members Only site. The course and many resources will be here. 

The course consists of 6 parts and 22 lessons. Here is just a snippet of what will be taught in the course:

  •  Part 1 - Branding - redefing your brand, honing in on your target customer and finding what your "secret sauce" is. This will help in defining what separates you from your competition. 
  • Part 3 - Networking - I will show you step by step exactly what to do, when to do it and how to:  

Know what to say and where to meet more quality people at networking events, tradeshows, mixers and more.  

  • Part 6 - How to CONVERT ALL contacts, followers and online connections into more appointments, customers, sales and referrals.  


You will be able to network with other great professionals from around the country, share your business and more!

Live Q&A's. Steven will join the group via FB LIVE, provide some bonus strategies, answer questions and give you even more tips you can use TODAY to get more results tomorrow!

"Imagine seeing REAL results (more sales) from the time and money you spend at events, tradeshows and online!"

"The Contacts to Customers Course can create more clients and higher sales for you N-O-W and for years to come."

- Steven

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The Complete Contacts to Customers Course

The 6 Step Formula Plus how-to guides, worksheets and the Private Facebook Group

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The Complete Contacts to Customers Course

The 6 Step Formula Plus how-to guides, worksheets and the Private Facebook Group