I am so excited about our new course Contacts to Customers. You can be a part of the program where I will show you EXACTLY how to turn networking into a huge source of appointments, customers and profits.

You could be one of the first to have access to this program before we release it to the public by joining the Founding Members Wait List.

We are only taking 60 Founding Members who will get this course taught live, by me and be able to ask questions along the way.

Oh, and another thing you'll REALLY love: Once we open the doors, Founding Members get the course for about HALF of what everyone else will have to pay!


Just a few highlights of what I will give you in the Course:

1. How to convert contacts you meet at events, tradeshows and more into customers. You may rely on networking to be a huge source of new customers. I will show you EXCTLY how I built a list of 35,000 customers and contacts that has created millions in sales. 

2. How to make you and your company UNFORGETTABLE If people forget about you when yo leave an event then it was a complete waste of time and money. I will show you how to be unfortgettable and have people coming up to you after an event asking to speak with you about how you can help them.

3. My best performing email scripts, forms and more secrets. How you follow up and engage people after the events is crucial. I will show you exactly how, when, where and who and give you lots of email scripts you can use immediatley to get better response, more appointments and higher sales. 

4. Get up to 40x more warm referrals As a BONUS I will show you how you can get u to 40x more warm referrals from customers AND other professionals. Warm referrals ROCK and can provide a HUGE boost to profits FAST!

Why Get On The Early Interest List?

Be the first to have access to this exciting program! I will be teaching this Workshop LIVE and answering questions. So your feedback will help shape this course. This Live Workshop will be filled with many actionable items that you can start doing immediately!

When you become a Founding Member of Rock Your Business Contacts to Customers Online Course, you will get:


Have the unique opportunity to give your feedback during the training and help shape the course.. I'm teaching this live and you are able to ask questions.  

I will show you exactly what to do, when and how to:  

- Meet more quality people at networking events, tradeshows, mixers and more.  

- How to CONVERT ALL contacts, followers and online connections into more appointments, customers, sales and referrals.  

- How to get up to 40x MORE referrals and much more!


This PRIVATE GROUP will be open pre-launch for 2 weeks before the C2C Course Final Launch.

You will be able to network with other great professionals from around the country, share your business and more!

Live Q&A's. At least once weekly, during pre-launch. Steven will join the group via FB LIVE, provide some bonus strategies, answer questions and give you even more tips you can use TODAY to get more results tomorrow!


Because you are getting the course early and will be providing us feedback about the course that can help us perfect it before releasing it to the world, you get a very steep discount!


After we update the course with your feedback, we will send you the updated course, when released to the rest of the world. You get it FREE, the rest of the world will be paying SUBSTANTIALLY MORE than you will as a Founding Member.

"Imagine seeing REAL results (more sales) from the time and money you spend at events, tradeshows and online!"

"The Contacts to Customers Course can create more clients and higher sales for you N-O-W and for years to come."

- Steven

Remember, we are only taking 60 Founding Members and then the doors will close!

Once we open the doors, the Founding Members get have the chance to get the course for about HALF of what everyone else will have to pay. That ROCKS!

Get on the Early Interest List Today before we close the registration!