Take the Stress out of Podcasts

Remove the guesswork & save weeks of hassle with step by step guides and innovative coaching to get you from launch to growth to getting more customers.

The Rock Your Podcast Mastemrind Program with Innovator and CEO, Steven Placey

The Podcast Mastermind Group Training is EXCLUSIVE to Steven Placey and Rock Your Business, Inc.

The RYB Podcast Mastermind with Steven Placey, is a virtual group coaching program where you and up to 5 Professionals will go through our comprehensive 3-Phase Program together: Supporting each other, sharing ideas and providing valuable feedback as you launch your own new podcasts. 

We're with you every step of the way. Steven and the RYB Team will walk you (and the group members) through every step to get your podcast from idea, content creation, production and launch. 

Grow Your Audience and Get Results. Most importantly the RYB Team will show you how to grow your audience and use your podcast to generate more quality leads and higher sales!

The Rock Your Podcast 3 Phase Program

Phase 1 - Plan

In the planning stage we will have multiple innovation sessions to discuss how to create your podcast. We will also share our ideas with the group for extra support. 

Group Training / Mastermind Calls 1 & 2 with Steven Placey

Steven will talk you through:

  • Creating Your Avatar - Who is your podcast talking to? 
  • Creating Your Podcast Content, Focus based on Avatar 
  • Creating Your Branding, Title- Create logo, colors, etc. 
  • How to record the podcast
  • What to say and When (hook, content, finish)
  • Equipment review 
  • Software review  

Phase 2 - Publish

In the publish phase we will discuss how to record your podcast, edit it, publish it and more. 

45 Minute One-on-One Call with Steven Placey

  • Laser focus target market
  • Finalize content, branding, content outline 
  • Q&A on edit, production, equipment 
  • Brainstorm Marketing Outline


Group Training / Mastermind Calls 3 & 4 with Steven Placey

  • Pitch Podcast to Group
  • Receive feedback and ideas to hone message
  • Homework after call 3 - Record first podcast and share with group in facebook group. Give/Get feedback
  • Call 4 - Podcast Feedback Session

Phase 3 - Market

In the market phase we will show you how to gain traction with your podcast, get more listeners and more client opportunities. 

Group Training / Mastermind Call 5 with Steven Placey and extra program support

  • Use Social Media - Create memes and posts to market your podcast  
  • Use Podcast for lead gen and sales conversion
  • Have Podcast Transcribed – turn into blog posts  

ALSO INCLUDED during the program and up to 60 days after group is complete  

  • Email support  
  • Facebook Group for Mastermind Students to Interact, ask questions, etc.
  • Subscribe to other Mastermind Students podcast 

"It’s a great pleasure to HIGHLY recommend the Rock Your Podcast Mastermind from Steve Placey and Rock Your Business.

 Despite a background as a professional trainer and speaker, this was new territory to me. Steve’s sessions and the specific activities he gave me to work on helped me LASER TARGET who I wanted to reach, what problem of theirs I could solve, and how I could mold my message to connect with them. In addition, using these sessions I was able to develop a format that was uniquely me.

I credit Steve with leading me to a place where The Tech Leader’s Toolbox is growing and I have already secured BIG names as guests for my podcast, which is increasing my visibility. If you think you might want to venture into podcasting, sign up for the Rock Your Podcast Mastermind RIGHT NOW! You don’t want to miss out on how much better you will be because of it!"

Paul Simkins, Leadership Speaker, Trainer, Coach, & Podcaster

"According to Edison Research, 24% of Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month. Not only that, the popularity of podcasts continues to rise. To say that podcasts are having a moment would be an understatement." -Inc.com

"People buy from people they trust. Podcasts help people feel engaged with you, like they know you. They trust your insight, and whatever solutions your company may have.." -Steven Placey

"... podcasts are an easily consumable content format, and it doesn’t require a person’s undivided attention like video or text-based content does." -Entrepreneur.com

The Rock Your Podcast 3 Phase Program

The Rock Your Podcast Mastermind Group Training

(a $1,500 Value)

  • The Rock Your Podcast Program will Guide you step by step through the planning of your podcast. Answering questions like: What is the title going to be? What will the branding look like? How often are you going to do the podcast? and much more...

  • Take the guess work, overwhelm and frustration out of setting up and recording the podcast. After implementing everything you learn in this program, you will be able sit down, record and publish a podcast with ease. And you will stop asking: What equipment is used? What is going to be talked about? How do you edit it? Where to post it when complete?

  • There's nothing more frustrating than spending all this time creating a podcast then no one ever hears it. Once you have completed the program, you will know exactly when, where and how to market your podcast to the world. 

When you add it all up, that’s a total real-world value of over $1,500…

Your investment into creating, launching and growing your podcast can be recovered with just a few new customers right after launch...

But YOUR podcast can be evergreen lead generation jet fuel for your business producing listeners, followers and new customers month after month, year after year. 

The next Podcast Mastermind begins Monday, September 14th, 2020 at 3PM ET via Zoom.

Registration update: As of Friday, August 28th, 2020, there are only 2 spaces remaining.

Spaces are filled on a first come basis. Call 321-244-6629 for availability or questions.

One Investment


(Save $50)

The Complete Rock Your Podcast Mastermind 3 Phase Program

2 Payment Plan

2 Payments of $399

  The Complete Rock Your Podcast Mastermind 3 Phase Program